My After Effects background

I have been using after effects professionally for over 16 years. I’ve worked for at least 5 different agencies in town. I’ve done work for Intel, Amgen, FOX40, and local independent film makers.

I have experience teaching from my days at a training center to a couple a of semesters at local IT college. I’ve even trained my co-workers that are using After Effects at their jobs.

I started my animation background in Flash. I stretched Flash’s abilities to it’s breaking point. I’ve won awards for my Flash animation. It was a great tool. As soon as I got my hands on After Effects. Everything changed. I was beginner again and had to grasp the scope of the new application. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s deep. It’s deeper than Photoshop. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back. And time, it takes so much time to animate even 5 seconds of animation. I’ve worked on a project for 2 weeks just on a 10 second animation. The project had over 500 layers. Check it out below.

I created this from scratch. I started with all the logos and came up with a concept on paper. Then I took apart all the logos piece by piece. Marking the timing for each change. Not to get into all the details… it was a monumental project but very satifying. It aired on FOX40 for years, it may be on air still.

After Effects to me is freedom. Freedom to create anything you can imagine. It helps that I can shoot photos and video myself. It also helps that I love music and can find that right score to compliment the animation. It also helps that I am a technology nerd (that’s me) so that I can export videos out for so many mediums. If you want to learn from someone that is passionate about animation. Contact me here!

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